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28th march, 2018
Our Esteemed Parents/Guardians,
Calvary greetings to you in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ. The Management of the above named institution uses this medium to deeply appreciate you for your love, loyalty and kind gestures towards the growth and development of this citadel of learning. We pray that the Almighty Father will continue to bless you in all areas (Amen).
Pertaining to issues affecting third term, 2017/2018 academic session, we deem it fit to keep you informed as follows:
(1) SCHOOL FEES: We want to deeply appreciate you for prompt payment of your children/wards fee which really assisted the school to have a hitch free term. Regardless of the current economic situation in the country, God will continue to provide for all your needs (Amen). We use this medium to appeal for improved response as regards school fees payment next term. Details of all fees payable and banking details have been enclosed in each child/ward’s result envelop. There is opportunity to pay all these fees during the second term holiday. We expect all fees to have been paid by the end of first week. God will provide for you in Jesus name. (Amen). Below gives the details of payment procedures:
P.T.A LEVY 0027103351
Please, kindly comply with the above arrangement.
(2) HEALTH HABIT: We know that “health is wealth”. In view of this, it is required that our children should keep good and personal health habits. School uniforms, cardigans and sports wears must all be kept neat. All these materials should be acquired from the school for uniform purpose. All pirated materials are disallowed and students with them will be sent out of the school. Apart from uniforms, students are expected to keep a low cut as touching their hair. PLAITING OR WEAVING OF HAIR AND CUTTING OF HAIR STYLES IS NOT ALLOWED! Students that have badly adjusted their uniforms will not be allowed in the school until they do the right thing.

The school has a laid down dress code which all students are mandated to follow religiously.
Mondays Short, shirt, tie, waist coat, schl socks and black shoes. Gown, shirt, schl socks and black shoes. Complete suit with tie, school’s socks and black shoes. Complete suit with tie, schls socks and black shoes.
Tuesdays Shorts, shirt, tie, schl cardigan, schl socks and black shoes. Gown, shirt, schl cardigan, schl socks, cardigan and black shoe. Trouser, shirt, tie waist coat, schl cardigan, schl socks and black shoes. Skirt, blouse, cardigan, waist coat, schl socks and black shoes.
Wednesday Schl’s recommended PHE wears with black tennis Schl’s recommended PHE wears with black tennis AS MONDAYS AS MONDAYS
Thursdays sport wear sport wear sport wear sport wear
Fridays Ceremonial Wears with black shoes Ceremonial Wears with black shoes Ceremonial Wears with black shoes Ceremonial Wears with black shoes

NOTE: ALL THESE ARE BEING SUPPLIED IN THE SCHOOL AFTER PAYMENT. Non-compliance is punishable by the school authority. Still on dressing habit, the school does not welcome painting of lips, hair styles, slim-fitting of school uniforms and showy jewelleries. Adhere to the school’s rule and it shall be well with you (Amen).
(3)TEXTBOOKS: No effective learning can take place in the absence of good and recommended textbooks. All students are mandated to complete the purchase of all the recommended texts approved by the school management during the holiday. Note that literature texts for 3rd term differ from second term. These texts should be purchased before resumption.
(4) HOLIDAY ASSIGNMENTS: We have given copious assignments to all our students to keep them busy during course of the holiday. Each result envelope has these assignments. Failure to do all the assignments will attract punishment. Also, Bible passages have been given to students for their spiritual development. They must study and summarize these passages in their notebooks and submit on the first day of resumption. The assignment can also be accessed on our website: www.shepherdinternationalcollege.sch.ng

(5) ADMISSION FOR 2017/2018 ACADEMIC SESSION: This is on going at the school premises after obtaining the admission form. JSS I – II, SSS I – II are all open to be admitted into. Kindly spread this goodnews home and abroad. May God bless you as you do so (Amen).
(6)GOVERNMENT DEVELOPMENT LEVY: As mandated by the state government, each student must pay a sum of #1,000 only per term. Students who have not paid anything will pay a total of #3,000 only which covers first, second and third term respectively. Please kindly comply with this appropriately. NB: Students are not to pay this alongside the school fees to the bank, rather, cash is expected to be paid to the School’s account section for onward remission to the government stipulated account.
(7) END OF THE SESSION ACTIVITIES: Another fantastic session activities covering 2017/2018 academic year will take place, by God’s grace. This year’s promises to be educative, informative as well as entertaining. Each student is expected to pay N4000 while JSS 3 students pay N 6500 which covers for end of the year activities, tie and others.
(8) SATURDAY LESSON: Be notified that Saturday lesson is henceforth compulsory for SS3, SS2 and JSS3 students in Shepherd International College. Buses will be available in all routes for easier conveyance. Parent are to pay a sum of N10 000 for bus service.
(9) GENERAL TRANSPORTATION SERVICE: The school management has decided to ensure better transportation service in this coming term. To actualize this, bus service fee to all route outside Omisanjana junction is henceforth N 19 000 per student in a term. Bus service fee is expected to have been remitted during the holiday. God will provide for you in Jesus name. (Amen)
(10) CBT AND E-LEARNING: We appreciate you for your support and encouragement in order to make Computer Based Test (CBT) a reality in our school. By God’s grace, it is compulsory for all students to possess their own e-learning and CBT compliant laptops. Those who have not gotten theirs should expedite actions in procuring these indispensable gadgets.
(11) JSS III EXTRA MORAL CLASSES: There will be extra moral classes for the students of JSS 3, starting from 4th April till – 20th April, 2018. It’s compulsory for all the students to attend. Bus service will be made available to students in all routes. Every student is expected to pay N 4000 for the bus service. Parents who want their children to stay in the hostel should approach the management to know the cost implication. School resumes 8:30am daily.
(12) MORNING DEVOTION MATERIALS: These are Holy Bible (RSV), Songs of Praise (S.O.P) and Higher Everyday. Students must have these compulsorily as they will go a long way to develop them.
(13) EASTER RETREAT: This year’s Easter retreat titled “the heirs of his kingdom” is around the corner with its promised blessings. You are hereby urged to come and partake in this innumerable supernatural blessings ready to be unleashed upon all the participants. God bless you as you come in Jesus name.
(14)RESUMPTION FOR 3RD ACADEMIC TERM: Based on the calendar of Ekiti State Ministry of Education and Technology, the school will resume on Monday 23rd April, 2018.Academic work begins on the first day of resumption.
Wishing you a peaceful and rewarding holiday.

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